Students demonstrate full engagement in their learning by: 1) being organized; 2) coming to class prepared; 3) attending all classes; 4) being punctual; 5) being attentive; 6) participating in class; 7) taking good notes; 8) asking for help; 9) completing all assignments; 10) establishing a study routine; 11) using a planner or calendar; and 12) taking care of themselves (e.g., good diet, adequate sleep, exercise, and a healthy life style).


I will be a better student if I act on the following beliefs:

  • I will do better in school and life if I become engaged sincerely and fully in the learning process. 



  • There are 13 things you can do to demonstrate your engagement and assure your success; 
  1. I will be organized 
  2. I will come to class prepared 
  3. I will attend all classes 
  4. I will be punctual in coming to class and completing my assignment. 
  5. I will pay attention 
  6. I will remember and follow the teacher’s directions. 
  7. I will participate in class by speaking up and doing what I’m asked to do. 
  8. I will take good notes that will help me study later 
  9. I will ask for help when I need it. 
  10. I will complete my assignments promptly and without procrastination. 
  11. I will set and follow a study routine that works for me. 
  12. I will keep track of my responsibilities by using a planner or calendar 
  13. I will take good care of myself by eating nutritious foods, getting adequate sleep, exercising and avoiding all unhealthy substances.
  • Reflect on how the presence or absence of each of the 13 ways of showing engagement is likely to affect your success or reputation.