Wheel Three: Character

The third wheel of success focuses on the values, attitudes, mindsets, and skills that assist each student reach his/her development and understanding of The Six Pillars of Character. Developmental outcomes embodied in the character dimension of the CHARACTER COUNTS! 5.0 Student Development Workshop (SDW) addresses all six pillars traits necessary in the development of a safe and caring learning environment.

  • Develop moral character and commitment in its use.
  • Improve decision-making qualities.
  • Demonstrate integrity, honesty promise-keeping and loyalty which are essential in relationship building and career readiness.
  • Demonstrate respect for authoritative figures and others without regards to gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or other distinguishing attribute(s).
  • Make accountable for their actions and the consequences of choices made.
  • Increase cognitive skills related to being just and fair with others.
  • Display compassion and a concern of well-being for others.
  • Demonstrate their civic duties and social responsibilities.