Wheel Two: Social/Emotional

The second wheel of success focuses on the values, attitudes, mindsets, and skills commonly embraced in the concept of emotional intelligence. These critical non-intellectual traits and qualities are essential to personal well-being, life satisfaction and various aspects of personal and career success.

The objective of this aspect of the CHARACTER COUNTS! 5.0 Student Development Workshop (SDW) is to help each student:

  • Improve their personal lives by promoting self-respect and confidence and a healthy understanding and acceptance of their personal attributes and the emotional aspects of their personalities.
  • Improving school safety by developing the skills empowering students to express their emotions in an appropriate manner and exercise the self-discipline to recognize and overcome negative emotions and impulses and resist temptations to engage in anti-social or personally harmful conduct.
  • Become more effective and successful by developing traits of resilience, flexibility, patience and poise as well as the skills in planning, goal-setting, time management and organization.
  • Create a positive school climate by instilling and enhancing the traits of empathy and social awareness to assist them in forming positive social relations with peers, parents, teachers and others.
  • Enhance the social and academic experience and contribute to a positive school climate by teaching students the skills of effective communication, collaboration and teamwork, conflict management and leadership.
  • Develop 21st Century skills, attitudes, mindsets and traits critical to success in school, personal life and career (e.g., conscientiousness, commitment to excellence, perseverance, positivity, and others).