13 Aug Tus Valores Cuentan: Changing Lives for the Better

El Nuevo Dia featured an inspiring story on the Tus Valores Cuentan (TVC) program this past week. The article includes interviews with several parents, students and teachers whose lives have been changed by the program. “[The program] works very well,” said Carmen Velez, whose three children attend Ruiz Belvis school in La Playa. “It has taught them to respect themselves, to value themselves.”

Jaileen de la Paz, a fourth year student at the Maria Mendoza school in Caimito, San Juan said, “Before, I would often fight, argue as well, but now I can control myself. I learned to value myself…nor feel that was I less than anybody or anything else.”

The positive effects of the TVC program are also felt beyond the classroom. Ernesto Santiago, also a student from the Maria Mendoza school said, “Now these young people and children that you used to see hanging around late at night are home early.”

New legislation that was signed last week guarantees the values taught by the Tus Valores Cuentan program must be part of the curriculum in all public schools in Puerto Rico. For this upcoming semester, TVC is being introduced to 143 new schools bringing the total to 443 schools participating.

Teachers, administrators and public officials have also embraced the island-wide initiative. Secretary of Education Edward Moreno said, “In the same way that the children learn to say negative things and bad words to their friends, that are also able to learn values, and that their behavior can benefit society.”

For more information on Tus Valores Cuentan, visit here.

Anthony Baer
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