27 Mar Downey, California, names its city streets after the Six Pillars of Character

Downey Unified School District Superintendent Wendy Doty and City Councilman Mario Guerra (Image: Downey Beat)

Downey, California, loves good character. Downey Unified School District incorporated CHARACTER COUNTS! into its curriculum and discipline programs in 2005, and city council members are reminded of their responsibility to uphold the Six Pillars of Character by wooden models of the pillars that hand in the Council chambers. And that’s not all. Downey’s government, parks, theaters, libraries, local businesses, after-school programs, YMCA, sports leagues, police department, and service organizations all incorporatate CHARACTER COUNTS! into their programs.

Now Downey citizens and visitors will be walking on the paths of good character — literally! The city recently named some its smaller streets and alleys after the Six Pillars. There’s Trustworthiness Trail, Fairness Lane, Responsibility Row, Caring Way, and Citizenship Court.

The street signs will serve as a visible reminder of the strides made in the community since it adopted CHARACTER COUNTS! Since 2005, suspensions at the school district are down 50%, test scores have risen, and requests from out of the district for students to transfer to Downey are up dramatically.

We’re sure that citizens of Downey are pleased that, as Councilman Guerra says,  “Character Counts is part of the DNA of all Downey civic leaders.”

You can read more in a story in the Downey Beat.

Anthony Baer
  • Melissa Kemp
    Posted at 03:28h, 09 April Reply

    I would love my city to incorporate Character Counts. Way to go Downey!! I love the quote “Character Counts is part of the DNA of all Downey civic leaders.”Please advise me so I can make this possible for my city. ~MK~

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